Exploring a Haunted School


Creepy article. I like reading stuffs like this. Good morning, guys!

Originally posted on The Green-Walled Tower:

This is a true story. As you probably know by now, my wife and I like to explore abandoned buildings at night, especially ones reported to be haunted. We don’t really expect to see anything, but we keep our eyes open.
Not my picture, but the view as we climbed up the slope to the school.

Not my picture, but the view as we climbed up the slope to the school.

Chungil 2

Last Friday night, we went to the Chung-il Girl’s High School, in Daejeon, South Korea, which was closed in 2006. It’s reportedly haunted and I’ve seen some pretty shaky evidence, but it is a huge structure: 5 stories plus the basement, holding 3000 students at its height. We went after work on Friday and got to the school about 9pm. There were spray-painted signs on the entrance saying things like “Forbidden” and “You must not enter” but we did anyway (of course).

I didn't get great shots, since I only had my phone, but you get the idea. I didn’t get great shots, since I only had my phone, but…

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SCHOOL’S OUT! Tweets in, blogs in, rests in!


Ngayong araw, simula na ng bakasyon! Ika-30 ng Marso, 2014~~

Sound trip. Internet. Kain. Gala. Facebook. Twitter. WordPress. At lahat ng bagay ay magagawa ko na. Pero ngayong Abril at Mayo lang ‘yan; may pasok na kasi sa June (!) Haha, agad-agad. :D

Dito pa rin ako nakatira sa bahay nila tito at tita. Katulad ng school break noong isang taon, tutulungan ko naman sila sa gawaing-bahay. Walang humpay na pahinga ‘to hanggang dumating ang pasukan. (Sa Hunyo, ikatlong-taon ko na sa kolehiyo.)

Habang nasa Marikina si Uncle tuwing weekdays, ay may sariling “business” (ika nga) din naman si Auntie: Kasama niya ang mga kapitbahay sa paglalaro ng baraha. Simula lunes hanggang biyernes ang ganitong klaseng “business” na hindi naman nagpapayaman sa kanila – kumbaga kasiyahan at pampalipas-oras lamang.

Kaya habang school break, buong hapon ang aking tunganga sa TV, o kaya’y sa Internet. Heto nga at maglalagay ako ng skedyul para sa kapakanan ng mga mata ko.  ✌️

8 AM-11 AM: tulungan si Auntie sa gawaing-bahay

11 AM-12 PM: maligo, kumain, at maghugas ng pinggan

12 PM-2 PM: mag-siesta

2 PM-3 PM: mag-Internet

3 PM-4 PM: magbasa ng libro

4 PM-5 PM: meryenda na!  ✌️

5 PM-6 PM: magsulat sa diary!

Syempre, may-oras pa ako magbasa ng mga Svenskan na blogs katulad ng http://www.cineberg.wordpress.com.

God morgon to all my new Swede friends (it’s 8:19 in the morning in Eksjo, Sweden) :

Tobias Ekvall, Jonathan Karlsson, and Anders Hultén.


Asia’s Next Top Model


Asia's Next Top Model

Top 7 : 

  • First call-out: Katarina Rodriguez
  • Bottom three: Josephine Tan, Natalie Pickles & Nicole Lee
  • Eliminated: Natalie Pickles
  • Featured Photographer: Mike Rosenthal
  • Special guests: Rob Scheppy

Visit this link for more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asia’s_Next_Top_Model_(cycle_2)

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow @_@

I am totally relieved that finally the Prelim Week is over. Now the Midterm is trying to make its wave. Now that the Flappy Bird is a promising game, who would concentrate hard and long in studying?

Can’t believe I still belong to the Dean’s List with the average of 1.70 in 11 subjects, mostly major subjects. Good luck to my classmates who still savor the cream of the crop!

Nelson Mandela & Paul Walker: Fans Honor Them In Joint Twitter Tributes


Today is a gloomy day to read blogs like this one. Condolences to you, from the heart of Educated Filipinos.

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

The world has lost two great souls this week: former South African president Nelson Mandela, who died on Dec. 5 at the age of 95, and actor Paul Walker, who tragically died in a fiery car crash at age 40. They will both be missed.

Fans are taking to Twitter to remember the late Nelson Mandela and the late Paul Walker in joint tributes. Sure, Nelson and Paul may seem like an unlikely pairing. Nelson obviously made an incomparable impact on the world — but every act of kindness counts, and Paul definitely tried to make a difference through his disaster-relief charity Reach Out Worldwide.

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San Mateo Municipal College



I am letting my stubborn side type this. ———————————>>>>

This is what I tweeted tonight:

Just got home from San mateo municipal College.. Whoooaaah. The School give me the hot chills down my hair. What kind of Municipal College!


Such a terrible experience for me to enroll here. I would not brag about this on WordPress if I hung on. But this is tremendous experience.

DSC_0000164DSC_0000162 DSC_0000161 DSC_0000160 DSC_0000017 DSC_0000009 DSC_0000010 DSC_0000011 DSC_0000012 DSC_0000013

The first time I came here, construction was on-going. And this fact brought sickness to my frail being. I want to blame myself for the whole thing. I know that I bring what comes into me.

Ako ang may kasalanan kung bakit ako nagkakasakit, nahihirapan sa bawat pagkikita ng mga kaibigan ko sa paaralan, na-pe-pressure para makasabay parin sa Dean’s List — ayoko masayang lahat ng ito.

I feel alive when I see them everyday:

7691_566864980053948_1830705055_a 1377172_4851603427485_1083395303_a 1380584_321201304685079_1213424250_n 1384246_684173878268672_848942691_a 1394048_546656762086618_404779001_a1150886_623082471056720_1902781762_n

Ginagawa ko ang binubulong ng puso ko. Katulad ng pagiging palakaibigan, extra-bait para makalikom ng merits mula sa mga professors, etc. etc.

At sakit man aminin, mahirap talaga makalimutan ang bawat pangyayari sa paaralang ito.

Una makulit ako.

Pangalawa, kinukulit ako.

Pangatlo, kulitan na lang.

Pang-apat, teka-teka everything’s like a middle-school or high-school..

Pang-huli — Itigil ko muna.

Ito ang naramdaman ko mula sa konte sa kanila.


Masyado akong naging mabait. Medyo creepy pero mabait talaga ako noong Hunyo hanggang Oktubre 2013. Para sa akin, tama na ang pagiging matulungin, ngunit naging mabait pa ako.

Sa araw-araw na binigay ng Diyos; ang sabi ni Sir Constantino: “Gawin mo ang pinakamagandang bagay ngayong araw, at baka bukas…” Titigil siya sa parte nayan. “…di mo na magawa.” Buong BSEd II na ang kukumpleto. Whose line is it, anyhow?

You know Prof. Marian Tayamora? She was our Philippine Literature professor and I was gravely moved by the last item she put into the Finals Exam test paper.

“What Was The Worst Experience you had in Phi. Lit. class?”


I like her radicalism, yet it presses me so ******* hard to the marrows. How can I critically think if I am worried about her radicalness. Sometimes, each student recites and she plugs her FB account and also shares her thoughts on becoming a teacher.




I am a future teacher. This blog is my weakness. My auntie knows the Journalist’s Creed and I should know that too. And I wanted to quote this one:

The Hon. Sam Ervin eloquently sums up for us the vital importance of legitimate journalism in his introduction to the (1973) Georgetown Law Journal’s Media and the First Amendment in a Free Society:

“It is no exaggeration to say that the first amendment contains the most important elements of individual freedom; the liberties of speech and press are the basis on which other freedoms stand.

“The framers of the Bill of Rights believed, in the first place, that a free flow of information and ideas was the best of all protections against the worst form of tyranny, that of the mind…

“To say that great freedom is conferred upon the press and broadcast media is to imply that great responsibility is likewise conferred.  In order to understand that responsibility, one must return to the two main purposes of the first amendment–the creation of free thought and the stimulation of public discussion.

“The heritage of a free society, then, requires of the publisher and broadcaster that they disseminate such information as will enable recipients to arrive at the truth and as will assist them in making decisions on issues confronting the country. The information must be accurate; it must be presented objectively and interpreted fairly; and it must, if an expression of editorial opinion, be answerable.”


So whatever appears in this blog, is a virgin truth — LOL — I reveal at my own expense. It’s about egotistical me, well-ventilated SMMC,  and school friends all-so-lovely.

I accepted friend requests and I tried to keep in touch, yet I don’t want to bother them anymore. This is a situation, like too cinnamon and curry: 2 spices I really don’t like.


Good evening to my friends. I always count you as blessings. XOXO x2 !


Christmas Party

Na-miss ko ‘to. Sayang wala kami ni Jelyn, Kristel, Clauds, Jomer, sino pa ba?


Jelyn and I


A Team. (P.E. 2012)


Philippines cries for help.


This is my part of the world. I can’t help but cry.

Originally posted on ■WANDERWOMAN■:

We are appealing for your kindness, any little of what you can share, to the greatly affected regions of the recent calamities -earthquake and super typhoon- that catapulted Philippines’ eastern region in an unimaginable wreckage. 

While my home province was not hardly hit and damaged as those of Bohol, Leyte, Cebu and Panay, my family also had a share of 2 days and 2 nights of power black out and a night of relentless rains and strong winds when Yolanda/Haiyan was in the Philippine are of responsibility. They have been relatively safe, though. As it is a given that the welfare of my family has been my topmost priority, my heart bleeds for/ with those who were stripped off of their homes, hard earned possessions, love ones even.


Our prayers and well wishes mean a lot, but in this great time of need (understatement of the century),our generosity in financial and…

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Today’s event is Personality Development Seminar.

THIS IS COOL on my part as a future educator and student-teacher. Although how can I start if I don’t stay humble? I am happy today that the adviser of the Supreme Student Council requested us to bring chairs from our school campus to the barangay gym, which is a walking distance for us guys.

Yes, I was really happy, but not with the result. Instead of being a hero who brings chair to the venue I decided to go to the library and try to search about Personality Development. This isn’t a quirky idea for my gray matter since I already know that to be outstanding, I should be charming, friendly, likeable to be called the “darling of the crowd”, over-achiever, or Thor-look-alike.

“The Scientific Way to
Develop a Magnetic Personality”

If you’d like to 

  • Build enough confidence to take complete charge of life, 
  • Get noticed positively in any crowd and 
  • Make your presence happy and memorable for others, 

Well, you are not aiming for anything difficult!
 is all about helping you become that special person both at home and at work.  It is about making you a one in thousand person.

Says http://www.placementor.com/personality/. And here’s a few quotations:

” If one sees the personality not as an apparatus that is essentially constructed by the time childhood is over, but as always in its essence developing, then life at 25 or 30 or at the gateway to middle age will stimulate its own intrigue, surprise, and exhilaration of discovery”

Erik H Erickson: The Growth of His Work by Robert Coles

Softskills is a misnomer. Those are in fact the hardest to acquire and need the best of the training methods”

HR head of a Multinational corporation

Personality skills are some what like the preaching of the Holy Book.   All most everyone agree that they are important.  But, very few actually explore it. YES, absolutely right. This is a call to someone who belongs to a Dean’s List and cannot find the keys on how to not-roll-the-eyes-when-being-ignored, say yes to HR, and no to selfishness.

I know a depiction of it, no matter how I stand tall if no one have the sense that I deserve to be on top; what’s the purpose then of standing tall?

God, this is another day to worry about~