Today, the staff of the library observed discipline and order. Mrs. Año gave a lot effort in reminding us, most especially, freshmen.

Each student who enter must write his/her name on the logbook; put their bags on the shelves; and go around the library. Easy, but demanding at this day of the week.

No talking/gossiping here.
Internet access here–USB not allowed.
Eating and drinking not allowed.

I should follow the library rules, however I don’t think I could stay here for two hours straight.

I need to chit chat with my friends, like squirrels. Hehe.

My current MP4 playlist

These are my favorite songs, so far; do you find them really good? Enjoy the music, it’s one of life’s simple pleasures whenever you burn and glide with time.

A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning

A Series of Unfortunate Events: one of my favorite book series. To read the first book, click this link: . I hope you enjoy this kind of story.In my case, it moved me somehow. I extend my sympathy and love to Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire.

Owl City Birthday Twitter Party: Countdown to “Beyond the Hills”


HootOwls, have a happy party!

Originally posted on Jashaél:

HootOwl Owl City Twitter Party Official Poster Invitation

If you’re reading this, then you’re invited to the Hootowl Twitter Party!

Where: the magical World of Twitter

When: July 4, 2014, Friday, 10AM EST (Eastern Standard Time). If you need a Time-Zone Converter, click here; but that’ll be July 4, 10PM Philippine time.

What to expect: Hootowls sharing Owl City trivia, fan-arts, covers, and anything else Adam-related using the hashtag #BeyondTheHillsOfOwlCity as we countdown to Adam’s birthday! When midnight strikes in Philippines (noon EST), I’ll be releasing the song I wrote for Adam Young.

Hope to see you there! And please help spread the word if you can!

Jashaél's Autograph

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When You’re Brave, Remarkable Things Can Happen


We should read blogs like this one once in a while.

Originally posted on Not The Perfect 10:

When you are brave, remarkable things can happen....

I can’t say that I’ve achieved great things in my life, or that I have done anything particularly remarkable thus far. I try to be a better, more courageous version of myself every single day and I’m not sure anyone could ask for more from me.

When I suffered with depression I found it difficult to function and I existed in a state of fear. Now that I’ve left that darkness behind me, whenever I start to feel afraid or nervous, I think of those who have gone before me, who displayed immense and unyielding bravery in the face of the most unbearable situations, and I’m instantly humbled. This kicks me back to reality, and I feel utterly grateful for all of the blessings in my life, which I’m guilty of taking for granted far too often.

My Grandfather, Percy Beard, was a Royal Engineer World War 2 Veteran, who…

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Start of the 31-day Blog Challenge: 1 My Self-Portrait

ImageImage Say what you need to say..

And these photos are intensely mad. This, I prepared well. I hope you like them. ;)


 Good morning! Now to share some facts about me, here are five of them:

1 I feel like watching dark, mystery-themed movies such as Hugo and the 2004 movie Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events. How about you? What’s your kind of movie?

2 I don’t stick out my tongue to people, around me. It’s a fact we have to be thankful to our up-bringing.

3 Music is my drug, like EDM or Alternative Music. And this May, books are my best friend. 

4 Bullied since kinder. I don’t care now, I love it.



Thanks for reading. What can we do now with those random facts? I’ll pray that with this facts, my goals in life will be clear as crystal.




Exploring a Haunted School


Creepy article. I like reading stuffs like this. Good morning, guys!

Originally posted on The Green-Walled Tower:

This is a true story. As you probably know by now, my wife and I like to explore abandoned buildings at night, especially ones reported to be haunted. We don’t really expect to see anything, but we keep our eyes open.

Not my picture, but the view as we climbed up the slope to the school.

Not my picture, but the view as we climbed up the slope to the school.

Chungil 2

Last Friday night, we went to the Chung-il Girl’s High School, in Daejeon, South Korea, which was closed in 2006. It’s reportedly haunted and I’ve seen some pretty shaky evidence, but it is a huge structure: 5 stories plus the basement, holding 3000 students at its height. We went after work on Friday and got to the school about 9pm. There were spray-painted signs on the entrance saying things like “Forbidden” and “You must not enter” but we did anyway (of course).

I didn't get great shots, since I only had my phone, but you get the idea. I didn’t get great shots, since I only had my phone, but…

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SCHOOL’S OUT! Tweets in, blogs in, rests in!


Ngayong araw, simula na ng bakasyon! Ika-30 ng Marso, 2014~~

Sound trip. Internet. Kain. Gala. Facebook. Twitter. WordPress. At lahat ng bagay ay magagawa ko na. Pero ngayong Abril at Mayo lang ‘yan; may pasok na kasi sa June (!) Haha, agad-agad. :D

Dito pa rin ako nakatira sa bahay nila tito at tita. Katulad ng school break noong isang taon, tutulungan ko naman sila sa gawaing-bahay. Walang humpay na pahinga ‘to hanggang dumating ang pasukan. (Sa Hunyo, ikatlong-taon ko na sa kolehiyo.)

Habang nasa Marikina si Uncle tuwing weekdays, ay may sariling “business” (ika nga) din naman si Auntie: Kasama niya ang mga kapitbahay sa paglalaro ng baraha. Simula lunes hanggang biyernes ang ganitong klaseng “business” na hindi naman nagpapayaman sa kanila – kumbaga kasiyahan at pampalipas-oras lamang.

Kaya habang school break, buong hapon ang aking tunganga sa TV, o kaya’y sa Internet. Heto nga at maglalagay ako ng skedyul para sa kapakanan ng mga mata ko.  ✌️

8 AM-11 AM: tulungan si Auntie sa gawaing-bahay

11 AM-12 PM: maligo, kumain, at maghugas ng pinggan

12 PM-2 PM: mag-siesta

2 PM-3 PM: mag-Internet

3 PM-4 PM: magbasa ng libro

4 PM-5 PM: meryenda na!  ✌️

5 PM-6 PM: magsulat sa diary!

Syempre, may-oras pa ako magbasa ng mga Svenskan na blogs katulad ng

God morgon to all my new Swede friends (it’s 8:19 in the morning in Eksjo, Sweden) :

Tobias Ekvall, Jonathan Karlsson, and Anders Hultén.